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The name “El Corazon” when translated means “The Heart”. This term is one of endearment, spirit and affection. These are just not words to us. They exemplify our dedication and commitment to providing a once in a lifetime resort experience.

The owners of the resort have been part of the Manzanillo community for the last 35 years. El Corazon Resort is their way of opening up the heart of Manzanillo to a select few. In order to accomplish this dream, they needed to share their adoration and love for the community and surrounding culture.
El Corazon is the result of that endeavor and the heart and soul of the owners.

El Corazon a top resort in Manzanillo

Welcome to El Corazon Resort, designed for the most discerning of guests. From private dining to unscheduled tee times, our concierge and staff can typically accommodate any request, anytime. This exclusive hotel and executive retreat has been designed for the ultimate level of comfort, privacy and security. We consistently strive to exceed all expectations making us one of the best hotels in Manzanillo, Mexico .

This 40 room exclusive hotel retains the look and feel of a small Mexican town. The cobble stone streets and walkways, bright traditional colors and rustic decor all help create this desired ambiance. The 600 acre exclusive resort is nestled on top of the Sierra Madre mountain range with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and the Manzanillo Bays.

By design, we typically only accommodate a very small number of guests at any given time, insuring an unmatched level of attention and service. Often the only other guests that you will see on the property are the ones that you brought with you.

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Our resort rooms are all oversized, with private patios, and offer all of the amenities that would typically be associated with an executive hideaway, including a golf experience in Mexico that should not be missed. Special requests are anticipated and gladly fulfilled. Learn More About Our Rooms

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Wild nature and amazing views of the Pacific make this charming town a favorite for vacationers. Manzanillo is a quiet beach town in the Mexican Pacific state of Colima. There are two sides to it: the exciting, adventure destination and the peaceful, romantic paradise.

You can choose either one of them, or both! Whatever you do, you can be sure you’ll have a great time here.

Manzanillo has it all. If you’re looking for a smart combination of adventurous and quiet, definitely try this under the radar, gorgeous Mexican destination.

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